Sunday, 20 November 2011

Yukie Nishimura - Piano (2010)

Yukie Nishimura - Piano (2010)

Artist: Yukie Nishimura
Аlbum: Piano
Genre: Instrumental, Neo-classical
Quality: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List
1. Piano
2. Kaze no Tabi (Travel Style)
3. Wasurenai Tame Ni (To Remember)
4. Michi no Tochuu De (In the Middle of the Road)
5. Onimasa (Government Demons)
6. Mae He (Previous)
7. Kaisou (Reminiscence)
8. Tsubaki
9. A! Mitsuketa! (Oh, I Found)
10. Sekai wo Tsunagu Mono (What Connects the World)
11. Jiyuu e no Kaidan (Steps to Freedom)


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