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Yiruma - Live at HOAM Art Hall (2005)

Yiruma - Live at HOAM Art Hall (2005)
DVDRip | AVI | Windows Media Video codec | AC3 Audio Codec: AC3 | 640x352 | 1,3 GB
KPop, New Age | 96mins / 11mins | 1:35:47
Release date: Jul 13, 2005 | Company: Starmax | Made in: South Korea

Yiruma is well-known throughout the world, and his albums are sold all over Asia, as well as the United States and Europe. His most famous pieces are "River Flows in You", "Love Me" which appear on the album "First Love" (2001) and "Kiss the Rain" from the album "From The Yellow Room" (2003). Although he formerly held dual citizenship as a citizen of the United Kingdom and South Korea, in July 2006 he gave up his British citizenship and entered the Republic of Korea Navy to begin his military service, which is compulsory for all male South Koreans. He lived in Osaka, Japan, for 6 years to promote album sales before giving up his dual citizenship.

Music Video:
1. Opening
2. MAY Be
3. One Day I Will / Leave Behind
4. Do You?
5. River Flows In You
6. Tears On Love
7. Sometimes...Someone
8. Chaconne
9. Yellow Room
10. Indigo
11. It's Your Day
12. I
13. Passing By
14. Small Steps
15. All Myself To You
16. Kiss The Rain
17. When The Love Falls
18. Love Me
19. Wait There
20. Just For A While / Autumn Leaves





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