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Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Breaking Through The Mist (1990)

Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Breaking Through The Mist (1990)
New Age | MP3 @ 192 Kbps | 10 Tracks | 51:34 min | 74 Mb | mini Cover
Label: Solitudes | Format: CD (10349)
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Breaking Through the Mist is the second album in the Exploring Nature with Music series. Like its predecessor, Harmony, this acoustical journey unites the sounds of nature with music in a subtle balance. In Breaking Though the Mist you will be guided into the events of the perfect day on a wilderness lake. The experience will refresh your senses with the richness of nature's many voices and moods -- allowing you to rediscover the harmony that can exist between man and environment.
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01 - Dawn of the Lake
02 - Burning Mist
03 - Awakening Voice
04 - Hardwood Haven
05 - Beneath a Towering Pine
06 - North Wind Rising
07 - Along The Darkening Shore
08 - Return to the Pack
09 - Night Life
10 - Celestial Blanket


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