Monday, 6 April 2009

Firedance - Spirit of the Drum (2008)

Firedance is: David Arkenstone (flute, marimba, bass instrument, drums, kalimba, percussion); Nicholas Gunn (flute); Greg Ellis, John Wakefield, David Leach, Seth Osburn (drums, percussion).

Spirit of the Drum, the brainchild of legendary instrumentalist David Arkenstone, provides an extraordinary outlet for experimental music encompassing rhythms and textures from around the world. In the first Firedance installment we experience the Spirit of the Drum - for as long as man has walked the face of the earth, there have been drums. This recording is a tribute to the longevity, importance, communication and inner power of this, the oldest of instruments. Incorporating drums from every corner of the world with five extended tracks ranging from slow to fast tempos, the deep resonating healing frequencies flow throughout the body and soul.
Firedance is perfect for dance, body workouts and with the occasional support by other instrumentation. Look for more exciting and innovative releases from Spirit of the Drum on the horizon.

By HolonIntegral


1. Awakening (12:33)
2. Heartbeat of the World (11:06)
3. Rhythm Journey (9:54)
4. Shaman's Dream (14:23)
5. Firedance (13:45)

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Bitrate: 320 kbps

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