Tuesday, 17 March 2009

David Hicken - Faeries (2008)


Artist: David Hicken
Аlbum: Faeries
Genre: Нео-классика, piano solo
Quality: 320 Kbps MP3

“Faeries” is the third installment in David Hicken’s debut trilogy of original piano solos, preceded by the highly-acclaimed “Goddess” and “Angels"... A bit more complex and classical than the first two volumes, the music on “Faeries” is flowing, melodic, and both calming and deeply emotional. Hicken calls his label “Enchanting Music” for very good reasons and is passionate about creating beautiful music that will enrich his listeners’ lives.


1. Faylinn
2. Rhoslyn
3. Titania
4. Oberon
5. Ellette
6. Rusalka
7. Donella
8. Alberich
9. Arethusa
10. Lorelle
11. Nerida
12. Shaylee


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