Thursday, 19 February 2009

William Ellwood - Vista (1989)

William Ellwood - Vista [1989]
Ellwood dives further into ensemble music on his third Narada release. Violinist Billy Oskay of Nightnoise, keyboardist Robert O'Hearn (Patrick O'Hearn's brother), and keyboardist George Mitchell (who performs with Diana Ross) are among the musicians who thicken the sound and provide some nice moments, at the cost of the intimacy of Ellwood's previous albums.
Linda Kohanov, All Music Guide

1. The Logic Of Love 3:40
2. Scarborough Fair/Canticle 3:46
3. In The Middle Distance 4:31
4. A Path With Heart 3:45
5. Lonestar 3:40
6. Beside The Night 3:59
7. Riding The Moon 3:35
8. Ivory Wind 3:46
9. Holly's Song 3:45
10. Sky Games 4:02

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