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Greg Maroney - The Copper Hat (2001)

Greg Maroney - The Copper Hat (2001)
Artist: Greg Maroney
Аlbum: The Copper Hat
Genre: Piano solo, Нео-классика
Bitrate: 192 Kbps MP3

Пришла пора познакомится с творчеством композитора и пианиста Greg Maroney. Большая часть работ маэстро Maroney выполнены в стиле Piano solo, и кажутся простыми, но в этой простоте скрывается необычайная изысканность и элегантность, наполненная живыми красками и образами. Так что в отношении Greg Maroney простота - это признак гениальности. Не пропустите этот релиз...

"Greg Maroney captures a full spectrum of emotions and musical colors, and presents them in an accessible form that deepens with each listening."
Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications

"...thought your music was wonderful."
David Lanz

Greg Maroney is a very gifted pianist. The innovative New Age/Neo Classical piano music found in his 5 CDs is superbly written and comes from the heart. All the songs have a warmth and yearning that speaks to the listener, bringing them nearer to their own spirit. His life and setting, in concert with his past and present, all add to the stories that are behind his elegant music.

Greg Maroney has studied piano since the age of five. He has also studied music from other cultures, especially Middle Eastern music and the music of India. Bringing these influences into his own Neo Classical/New Age compositions has led him to record and produce 4 different CDs of solo piano.

Greg Maroney - The Copper Hat (2001)
"The Copper Hat" was recorded February of 2001 after a move to rural Pennsylvania. Many of the songs have stories behind their composition. During a visit to his mother, who at the time was in the midst of Alzheimer's disease, he found that someone had made her a copper wire hat in the shape of a pyramid to help improve her failing mind. She wore the copper hat, tied with ribbons under her chin, around the house. The song "The Copper Hat" was composed when his mother spontaneously started dancing with complete innocence to his music with this hat on her head.
Greg Maroney - The Copper Hat (2001)
A mention should also be made of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Without a particularly memorable day spent there, there would be no Esmeralda & the 17 Goats.

The album is dedicated to his mother, the woman in the Copper Hat, who gave him the gift of piano.

Some songs on this CD are available in sheet music format as a pdf download. If you are interested in playing this music, go to the website for further details.

1. November's Cascade
2. Passages
3. Esmeralda and the 17 Goats
4. When You Come Home
5. Person in the Mirror
6. Dancers in the Sky
7. Copper Hat, The
8. Sweet Em
9. Northern Dancer
10. Wedding Song, The
11. Merced, The
12. In the Garden
13. Dreams For TJ

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