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Ron Korb with Hiroki Sakaguchi - Japanese Mysteries

Ron Korb with Hiroki Sakaguchi - Japanese Mysteries

Ron Korb with Hiroki Sakaguchi - Japanese Mysteries
mp3 | 320 kbps | 1993 Year | 60 min | 136 mb
Genre: New Age, World, Ethnic

"Ron Korb is, without a doubt, a master flute player. Originally from Canada, Ron spent more than a year in the land of his grandparents as he felt compelled to learn more about the culture of his ancestors. This CD is largely a result of the time he spent in that land.
While Ron plays the bamboo flute, shinobue, misatobue, ryuteki, flute and keyboards on Japanese Mysteries, he is joined by several other musicians. Most notable is Hiroki Sakaguchi, a composer who created his first composition at the young age of 11! He joins Ron on the keyboard. Whereas six of the 13 tracks are attributed to Ron and two are traditional pieces, Sakaguchi composed the remaining five.
Rounding out the musicians is Tani Senzan (shakuhachi), Tanaka Yoko (koto, shamisen), Ryuhei Kobayashi (classical guitar), Akira Mori (steel string guitar), Hiroshi Ogawa (bass) and Takeshi Ishikawa (taiko, hira daiko and percussion)." -Wil Owen
"Beautifully textured music that blends the best of Eastern and Western instruments. At once serene and energetic, Ron Korb's Japanese Mysteries have a well paced mixture of tracks, each telling a story that is infused with cultural elements. Tokaido has an especially memorable melody that one will want to listen to again and again."

Track List
01. The Great East Temple (Todaiji)
02. The Tale Of Genji (Genji Monogatari)
03. Legend Of The Heike (Heike Monogatari)
04. Eastern Sea Route (Tokaido)
05. Winter Night (Fuyu No Yoru)
06. The Floating Bridge Of Heaven
07. River Child (Kappa)
08. Visiting Spirits (Obon)
09. Homecoming (Furusato)
10. Autumn Rain (Murashigure)
11. Festival Dream (Yume Matsuri)
12. The Zen Garden (Ryoanji)
13. Heavenly Music (Etenraku)


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Sorry !!
Password to unrar this album : kiwi

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